Appliance Repair


Even the finest appliances are due to have some problems from time to time. If you’re looking to troubleshoot your appliance problems, you want a dependable appliance repair expert you can trust. That’s exactly what you get from W.C. Appliance. We serve the Corry, Edinboro and Erie, PA area.

Our family-owned and -operated team can provide the reliable repairs you’re looking for. Your appliances are big, complex machines with many working parts operating in unison to make everything run smoothly. One slip up from one part can bring the whole machine down. It’s more likely to happen the more often you use your appliances. Since it’s not realistic to stop using these appliances you love, W.C. Appliance offers the necessary repairs they need to work like new again. 


W.C. Appliance can make minor repair adjustments or major overhauls. Our technicians are all fully certified and highly skilled in order to provide the repairs your appliances need. We repair appliances from the major brands in the industry and can add the latest parts to your machines to have them working well again.

We recommend scheduling periodic maintenance for your machines to spot any potential problems before they develop into major issues. Our service experts can help make sure everything is up to snuff and make the adjustments that will extend the life of your appliance. Our certified technicians would be happy to handle the repairs you need in your home and can provide a free quote before beginning each service. 

Appliance Repair Edinboro, PA

Appliance Repair Tips and Tricks:

  1. Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter. Keeping a clean air conditioner filter will not only help your unit run more efficiently and last longer, but it is also healthier. Be sure to clean the vents and filter of your air conditioning unit every few weeks. 
  2. Avoid overloading your washing machine. Be sure to read your washing machines owner’s manual to ensure you are not overloading. This will cause your clothes to not come out as clean and can cause damage to your machine. 
  3. Clean the rubber gasket on your refrigerator. This rubber magnetic seal around the door on your refrigerator keeps the cold in and the heat out. A dirty gasket can cause the seal to become loose causing the refrigerator to run longer and harder increasing your energy bills. 
  4. Clean your Dishwasher filter. The dishwasher filter is normally found at the bottom of your machine and is used to capture excess food during the run cycle. Cleaning this filter after every few cycles will ensure your dishwasher can run at peak performance. 
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